“SE is a very popular kids band in the metro, making a big mark on the indie scene. They put on a great show and they are a whole lot of fun”

“standouts are “Kitty Cat Town” and “Spaghetti Eddie,” story-songs written in minor keys that are sure to have the kids up dancing and singing along. A very promising debut.”

“People, we loved it. My kids loved it, I loved it, you guys, it’s fun. Totally quirky, great beat…take a look for yourself, and tell me if your kids aren’t meowing all over the house for the rest of the day.”



The Oklahoma-based Parker released his latest collection of preschool-friendly pop over the new year.  Like volumes 1 through 3, a lot of the music on Volume 4 tackles educational topics (defined broadly), like animals at the zoo (“Zoo Song”) or more socio-emotional topics like sharing (“What’s Mine Is Yours”) and self-acceptance (the ba-ba-da-ing “I Am Me”).  Adults may find some of the sillier songs (“Dance!,” “Robot Ralph,” and “Yawns Are…” chief among them) have more replay value precisely because they’re not as overtly educational.

But Parker’s refined his songwriting over the years — in the course of this 26-minute album, he offers up more than his fair share of alternative pop hooks.  Fans of artists like SteveSongs and the Flannery Brothers will find themselves in familiar, and probably appealing, territory here.  Recommended.


Vol 1

One of the bright new talents in the indie children’s music scene, Spaghetti Eddie brings to
the table a heaping plateful of catchy songs with great sing-along potential. The band is the
brainchild of frontman Brendan Parker, who sings and plays guitar, while drummer Todd
Parsons provides the rhythm on these rockin’ acoustic tunes. One thing that stands out about
this debut is the imaginative lyrics. Parker does an admirable job of blending colorful
characters and educational elements to achieve their (tomato) saucy sound, and the cheery
rock vibe gives the music an infectious energy. Highlights here include the rockabilly-tinged
“Kitty Cat Town,” namesake track “Spaghetti Eddie” with its fun Italian references and the
jangly “Body Parts,” a rollicking lesson in basic anatomy.

Vol 2

Spaghetti Eddie returns with another set of kindie rock gems chocked full of rousing
choruses, engaging melodies and a bit of pasta – meatball-infused this time. Like volume
one, the music here is highly imaginative with great catchy lyrics that families can easily
follow along (and hopefully even sing) to. The arrangements have a lush acoustic sound
consisting largely of guitars and dynamic percussion. The overall sound is a notch more
mellow than the previous outing, but still maintains the family-oriented indie-rock vibe and
plenty of energetic moments that makes these songs so engaging. The opening track is a
stand-out – “Everybody’s Different,” highlighting the wonders of diversity. “Monsters Under My
Bed” is an ode to after dark nerves and “The Vowels” introduces kids to phonics. All in all,
this is an entertaining album that combines story, learning and good old-fashioned childhood

Vol 3

Get set for another fun-filled musical extravaganza from Spaghetti Eddie! Brendan Parker’s
kindie band offers up another hearty helping of family grooves performed in the band’s
signature style. That means plenty of story-based songs, laid-back acoustic rhythms and
educational nuggets stirred into their well-simmered musical sauce. This set of tunes begins
with “Back to School,” highlighting the sense of limitless possibilities that go hand-in-hand
with the first day of school. Many of the following songs continue to highlight different aspects
of the school experience, like “Don’t Be A Bully” and “Please and Thank You,” both using
clever lyricism and jangly melodies to outline the importance of good manners. Other
highlights include the sweet “Friends” and the entertaining activity song “Freeze!”

Vol 4

Spaghetti Eddie is back with more good-natured fun for the whole family! The brainchild of
Brendan Parker, Spaghetti Eddie offers a smorgasbord of delectable ditties for kids to sink
their teeth into. His songs pair whimsical themes with an emphasis on positive development
and a tinge of educational content. You see this right away with the opening song “Dance!,”
which focuses both on the playful energy of dancing and the fact that the activity is a fantastic
form of exercise. Then there is “Inside Voices Outside Voices,” a clever song that explores
the appropriate voice volume in different circumstances. The fun continues with songs about
robots, dinosaurs, zoo animals and simply being yourself. Spgahetti Eddie’s sound is
uniformly upbeat and full of energetic acoustic rhythms that will have kids singing along.
Another winner from Brendan Parker and company!


Five albums in, a mature and sophisticated musical backdrop keeps Parker and Alexander successful. While Spaghetti Eddie might not replace parents’ favorite bands in their iPods, it just might in their car stereos.


Parker (singer/guitarist/electric kazoo player) and Erick Alexander (drummer/producer/singer) are serving up another helping of songs “written with the intention to entertain children and to not drive parents crazy” with their new album “Spaghetti Eddie! And Other Children’s Songs Vol. 5,” an independently released collection that just jumped into the nomination pool for Best Children’s Album for the 60th Grammy Awards.


It’s been almost two years since children’s band Spaghetti Eddie released an album but they’re preparing to release “Spaghetti Eddie! And Other Children’s Songs Vol. 5” this month. Brendan Parker is one half of the duo that is based in Oklahoma City. The father of two said everything about Spaghetti Eddie is a direct reflection of family life, from the types of songs on the albums even to the amount of time it has taken to put out “Vol. 5.”